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Advice is often imprecise as there are sometimes several routes to the same goal and we would not be conceited enough to claim the advice you receive from Advance Investments is any better than you could obtain from most other independent advisers. However, as a client of Advance Investments we will make you several promises:

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Areas our services cover:

  • Pension & Retirement Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Financial Protection

Advance Investments believes that successful financial planning is a partnership between adviser and client, so in return we ask that you are completely open with us about your financial situation, keep us abreast of any relevant changes and make time to review your situation regularly. We cannot guarantee that using this approach will make you rich, but we will do the best we can to move you as close as possible to identifying and achieving your goals

We are proud of the work we do for our clients. We strive to get the best outcome for our clients that helps meet financial and lifestyle goals. As usual the proof of the pudding is in the eating so please refer to our testimonial section to gain a feel for the results we have achieved for our clients.

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Our advice will always be driven by you as the customer and your specific objectives.

Our recommendations will never be influenced by anything other than what we feel is best for you.

We will try to ensure that you understand everything including the disadvantages as well as the advantages of whatever actions we recommend.

We will endeavour to keep paperwork to a minimum. (You might have to bear with us on this one as financial advice inevitably produces a mountain of paper)

We will be available to answer your queries at any time and will give you the opportunity to formally review your situation regularly.

If we think you are following the wrong route we will tell you, and above all else we will always be honest with you.

Our Partners

We have a well-established and respected Compliance Consultancy firm to assist us with our own Regulatory obligations. Even though they are  Leeds based they are very hands on and able to meet us regularly at our premise. They work with firms across the UK which clearly gives them the breadth of experience to offer meaningful assistance and guidance to ourselves. The founding partners have each got 20 years experience in financial services with a range of different providers and advice firms with one partner having also worked for the Regulator between 1997 & 2002. This was with the FCA’s predecessor the PIA/FSA. It is clear, in dealing with him that he has a wide range of contacts with the FCA and is clearly highly respected. As a firm, we have elected their premier service, giving us access to their full resource and giving us as a firm the reassurance that we are carrying out our obligations in a manner which fits with the Regulators present, stringent requirements. As Compliance Director, Ben Cundy  has ultimate responsibility in this area albeit with the guidance of our partner.


If you are thinking about using Advance Investments to help with any financial issues, you may like to know what some of our existing clients think about us:

Advance Investments Testimonial

Advance take a professional and integrated view of my investment, pension and taxation affairs, and I have complete faith in their integrity and ability to deliver a quality and value added service.

Mike Catt, London Irish, England and British Lions rugby star.

Advance Investments Testimonial

Advance Investments have taken all of the hard work and pressure out of managing our pensions and investments.  Instead of the headache of searching through piles of paperwork that you don’t really understand trying to decide the best way to go, they manage everything and present it to clients in a clear, concise presentation that is easily understood.  We have always found their advice not only to be sound, but totally geared to our own personal situation and needs.  Nothing but praise for a very professional and ‘user friendly’ service.

Mr & Mrs Catte

Advance Investments Testimonial

I have worked with Ben and the Advance team since they were formed and have been very well served. Investments and especially Pensions may seem boring but they are essential in today’s world and the guys at Advance have always been responsive, very customer focussed and innovative. Obviously the final decision has always been mine so not everything always grows but overall I have done very well. I have also recommended Advance to the various businesses I am involved with so have no hesitation in recommending them.  Thanks guys  

Mr J Ziemniak

Advance Investments Testimonial

I have known and been associated with Advance since their inception and have been a highly satisfied client of both their commercial, personal pension and financial planning services.

In my personal dealings with Keith Ayres and the whole team at Advance, covering a whole range of personal financial services, I have found them to be expert in their field, positive, insightful and supportive throughout.

I have no hesitation in recommending them to any individual or company requiring group or personal financial services. 

Mr L Bamber, London

Advance Investments Testimonial

Having recently joined my company I was pleasantly surprised to be offered some pension advice and took up the offer, meeting Ben Cundy from Advance Investments. Ben show genuine interest in assessing my personal needs: advising on the company pension scheme, my options and worked through the best approach for me personally.  As a joiner later in my career, I had a number of questions around the best use of my allowances, having previous pension pots, investments etc . Bens’ advice took into account my preferences and lifestyle choices and made some significant changes to the way I was thinking that have helped me maximise my total retirement planning. Having successfully helped me, I have since asked Ben to advise me further, outside the company scheme as his service was more personal than the financial advice I was previously with. Whether it’s for personal advice or just company scheme related, I find the access to Ben (who frequents our offices regularly), the efficient and speed of turn around of information, documents etc, the simplistic and understandable advice and the easy of doing business a personal benefit.

Mr M Croucher

Advance Investments Testimonial

I was introduced to Ben a few years back and have found his advice invaluable ever since. The main difference for me from previous advisors was that whatever Ben has suggested, it’s always been balanced around my needs and looked at from the different angles relevant to my life at the time – completely different to any relationship I’ve had before that always felt it was better for the advisor than for my investment! Ben is also completely down to earth, won’t simply tell me what I want to hear and has become a trusted friend over that time.

Mr G Anderson, London

Advance Investments Testimonial

I expect if you are reading this testimonial that you are looking for expert, independent financial advice. If you also appreciate friendly, honest, balanced and personal advice as well then Ben is definitely the person you should be speaking to. Advance Investments have looked after our financial interests and investments for twenty years, and Ben has become not just an advisor but a genuine friend. From our relatively small beginnings Ben and his expert team have helped us sustain and grow our portfolio, providing invaluable advice on investment portfolio strategies, management of our multiple pensions funds, EIS schemes, Shares, the do’s and don’ts of insurances, retirement and inheritance tax planning, skiing, golfing, drinking, property development, children, families and life in general. We have trusted Ben and Advance with our money and have never been disappointed (be aware Ben!). His advice has often been humorous, but is always sensible, effective and welcomed. Unfortunately not all investments turn out to be superstars in the real world, but having many more good than bad ones means that when its time to choose, or to change, that you are able to do so without worries for the future. And being able to do that for us, is a very great credit to the personalised help and guidance Ben is able to provide. Thank you Ben and the Advance team, hopefully long may that continue !

Mr S Hurdle

Advance Investments Testimonial

I have used Advance Investments as my personal and business financial adviser for nearly 20 years and they have helped me build a stable personal financial base. I have always dealt with the same director, and it is good to know he is at the end of the phone should I need to discuss anything with him. Advance has also referred me to other business professionals, so I have been able to build a trusted team to support me and my business.

Ms C Spalding of Clarkson’s Independent Funeral Directors